Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the peak care level for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in South Florida

People from Delray Beach, Broward, and Miami as well as those traveling from outside Florida often request our partial hospitalization program to help them move forward in their quest to recover from drug and alcohol dependency. Our PHP program includes patient specific luxury accommodations while participating in the rehab program for their addiction. We have male accommodations as well as female accommodations and our gender-specific residences are supervised by active counselors and medical personnel who provide tailored care that is based on the treatment program set for the patient.

We believe in holistic treatments when treating addiction with patients. Some female patients require help with issues beyond their addiction, related to abuse, depression, and behavioral or mood problems. Males may have issues with anger or aggression.

Treatment for patients may involve co-occurring issues that are related to relationships, abuse, anger management, depression and mood disorders. The medical team are qualified professionals who can help with mental health issues while treating addiction as well.

Drug dependency or alcohol abuse could be a result of specific factors or life events, such as an accident, a traumatic event, grief, and so forth. We treat the patient based on their needs and work closely with them in the PHP program to monitor progress.

Beachside Addiction Treatment at Delray Beach, FL

A relaxing home away from home, patients find that our location, very close to Delray Beach, is relaxing and comfortable. Transportation services are available on a daily basis that enable patients to participate in a variety of activities and outings that can promote feelings of well-being as they work toward healing. For those who want to explore alternatives to being in residence during addiction treatment, outpatient services may also be recommended.

Activities and Addiction Recovery Treatment Include:

  • Recovery and 12 step meetings
  • Walks and beachside activities
  • Spirituality discussions
  • Yoga and other physical activities, such as swimming
  • Therapy that involves art and music
  • Horseback riding / equine therapy
  • Life coaching for healthy lifestyles and life skills
  • And more