Couples In Recovery From Addiction

Treating addicts in a relationship is very time intensive and at times difficult. Primary therapists usually do individual counseling in drug rehab facilities. For this reason most substance abuse treatment centers do not accept couples into their programs. There are however, a few luxury drug rehab centers who do accept couples who need therapy. Both partners need to be serious about recovery and agree to follow all the rules and policies. No sex while in treatment is one important rule. If both partners in a relationship agree to these requirements they can do well in this program.  When a couple gets to phase 2 intensive outpatient program, they can have their own room together. Relationship counseling is offered once per week and group therapy is 3 times per week. Both partners must be actively seeking employment and attend AA or NA meetings three times each week. There is also a curfew at 11pm on week days and 1 am on weekends. The couples sober living residence offers 24 hour nursing staff and peers who are also in recovery. Inpatient couples addiction treatment offers a variety of groups and classes for both partners to attend. There is music therapy, art therapy and gender specific group counseling on a weekly basis. There are adventure outings and field trips to kayaking, bowling, movies etc. Couples may hang out together 17 hours a day , but sleep in separate gender specific beds. Inpatient Group therapy is required daily and individual counseling is required weekly. Conflict resolution classes are given once per week. It is very important for couples in recovery to have the skills necessary to resolve conflicts within the relationship. The correct nutrition is very important while in substance abuse treatment. You will have educational classes on nutrition and buying groceries. You can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your residence and buy appropriate nutritional foods. Your primary therapist will meet with you each week and discuss your progress in treatment both as an individual and a couple. When you are ready to move on to phase 2 which is intensive outpatient program, your therapist will advise both of you how the transfer will work.

Medication For couples in drug rehab

Medication assisted treatment is offered as an option for clients who have relapsed on opioid pain killers or Heroin multiple times. If you have been to multiple treatment centers in different states, it is probably a good idea to be on Suboxone or subutex. We offer both of these medications while you are in residential and outpatient phases of treatment. Medication for mental conditions like bipolar, depression, or anxiety are given by the doctor. Suboxone has proven to be very helpful to couples addicted to heroin or other opiates. Studies have shown addicts stay clean and sober much longer on these medicines than with traditional rehabilitation programs which are abstinence based only. Buprenorphine is not as expensive as the brand name drug for those who have no health insurance.