Individual and Family Therapy

Substance abuse is a sickness, a disease and possibly can escalate to malignancy if left neglected under the shroud of passive deniability. It percolates down to the family members who play dual roles in being a rock to the person suffering from addiction and as an illusion to reality. The key is to remain actively present all through the persons/addicts’ recovery, mentally and physically, taking into consideration everything that will help overcome the adverse effects of substance abuse. It helps to realize and say aloud that there is a problem and then face it head on.

Individual therapy

A counsellor will be present for every client to work out the prompting issues that triggers substance abuse or any other deep seated factors. The motive to arm the individual with faith to cope with their life sober and ensure welcoming environment when they return home. Family and friends are invited these sessions, for better understanding of the problem, preparing them to face all challenges. A 12 step program – Al-Anon for co-dependents like family and friends who are ambivalent to the disease and do not know how to face it helps immensely.

Family therapy

The inclusion of families in the therapy process ensures better strategy in combating challenges, where they unite with the therapist addressing concerns and expectations catalysing progress in the right direction.

Substance abuse treatment at Palm Beach is a great first start in helping your family overcome a difficult situation. We are sympathetic to the damaging consequences of any addiction. Come let’s together fight this adversity at our Luxury Drug Rehab Centres in Florida.