Dual Diagnosis Treatment

When you have mental illness as well as an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s very important to get treatment that considers both illnesses. Mental illness can make recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol more difficult. In many cases, the existence of an undiagnosed and untreated mental health issue can be the catalyst for addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment plans, can treat both issues, helping patients to deal with both their mental health and their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

How Mental Health Can Fuel Addiction

Difficulty with mental wellness can lead to self-medicating, through drugs or alcohol, because the patient feels depressed or unhappy and may feel temporary relief when using recreational drugs or alcohol. We treat the patient as well as the addiction and can help you find ways to move forward in a healthy way that addresses mental health issues while also stopping the destructive cycle of using substances to stop the pain, the anxiety, or the feeling of being unbalanced.

Serving the Miami area, Delray Beach, and Broward, can help you in a number of ways, including through medically supervised detox, through outpatient programs, or through a partial hospitalization program where you are treated on site in one of our gender-specific residences. Our team works closely with you in group and individual sessions with a variety of proven treatment plans and activities that can transform how you feel.

Working with Patients on Wellness and a Life Free of Substance Abuse

Fighting the hold that substances can have on you while also battling mental illness is no easy task but the right approach to both at the same time is possible. We have proven techniques that, with your desire to get well, can mean that your next chapter in life will be a healthy and positive one. Contact us today to learn more about our South Florida treatment options.