Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Whether male or female, drug addiction is a difficult thing to combat. We often gets inquiries from family and friends of those who have substance abuse problems as well as from the individual requiring treatment. It’s natural to seek out help for someone you care about and serving Delray Beach, Miami, Broward, and the surrounding South Florida area, we can help you explore a variety of options. Our skilled and compassionate team can help you learn more about low cost addiction treatment options, including inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs as well as medically supervised detoxification.

We have an excellent reputation for assisting addicts and their loved ones who seek help with drug abuse. Treatment options vary, depending on your needs and limitations, but we focus on safety, a compassionate and nurturing environment, and on programs that are overseen by doctors who are involved, rather than simply overseeing the program.

Every patient is offered a tailored approach that can help them with their recovery, fueling mind, body, and spirit as well as offering group and individual treatment that focuses on healthy behaviors and support from your loved ones. Motivation, coupled with an ongoing supportive environment is detrimental in overcoming drug addiction. We often leverage medical detox as well as cognitive behavior therapy to help you toward your goal of recovery.

An emphasis on education, attitude, and safety as well as support are all part of our process.

Get Help with Medical Outpatient Detox in the Miami, Delray Beach, and Broward Area:

We can arrange for off-site accredited detoxification that is medically supervised to help patients with opiates, alcohol, or recovery from another substance that can benefit from supervised detox.

Drug Treatment Programs at Chapters Recovery Include: 
  • Addiction to opiates
  • Narcotics, such as addiction to cocaine
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Addition to Alcohol
  • Addiction to Prescriptions / Painkillers / Xanax
  • Treatment for Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression